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Over the course of a year, I give a variety of presentations on ePortfolios, multimodality, digital composition, mobile composition, play, pedagogy, curricular design, assessment, and so forth. Below, I have selected a few examples of such presentations, representing the diversity of audiences and interests I addressed this year. 

 Virginias Collegiate Honors Council Annual Meeting

Dean David Metzger oversaw the VCHC this year. In this role, he advocated for a focus on ePortfolios, leading him to contact me. I had the opportunity to share some insight regarding the what, why, and how of ePortfolios within Honors programs. This was my first opportunity to speak with external administrators about program design and scale-up strategies. With Dan Cox, I also facilitated a workshop for student participants, helping Honors students from across Virginia begin their ePortfolios. 

Association of American Colleges and Universities Annual Meeting

As the final round of panels during the AAC&U ePortfolio Forum, I did not anticipate a large audience. However, about thirty individuals attended my hour long session on using ePortfolios as a tool for thinking through programmatic design, particularly in regards to a multi- high impact practice initiative. I used CHIP's LeADERS program as a case study to illustrate how the ePortfolio template design process allowed a large team to conceive of and synthesize a new program. 

ODU Undergraduate Research Symposium

For this symposium, I was asked to develop some student panels regarding ePortfolios. In response, I created and facilitated three panels with nine student participants, three of whom were recent graduates. Each panel approached the topic of ePortfolios from a different angle, leading to a wide ranging discussion regarding digital identity, disciplinary content, and professional development. 

Communal Reflection Faculty Workshop

In collaboration with the Improving Disciplinary Writing (IDW) Program, we designed and facilitated our latest workshop series. This workshop focused on long time user of ePortfolios and writing intensive strategies, looping back in order to further polish reflective assignment design. The third entry in the series focused on communal reflection, which ties into HIP criteria in regards to receiving peer feedback and fostering meaningful interactions. 

LeADERS Graduating Candidates Workshop

As part of the ePortfolio Team's efforts to support the LeADERS program, I created and facilitated a new student workshop. This event was intended to guide graduating LeADERS candidates through the completion of the ePortfolio component. The workshop's objective was to help students to think more critically about the narrative of learning they were crafting, while also increasing the sophistication of the design of their portfolio. 

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