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As we returned to campus, workshops and conferences likewise altered, though one could hardly claim such events went back to "normal." Rather, many workshops remained online, to ensure safety, access, and frankly, lowered costs. At the same time, some events did occur in-person for the first time in a long while, with continued attention paid to hybrid and asynchronous options. Many of my external presentations this year focuses on ethical issues experienced by those engaged in creating and supporting ePortfolios. These issues will continue to persist especially in these increasingly hybrid and online spaces if we do not acknowledge their impact and train educators to tackle such considerations as part of their course and program designs. I've included just a few examples of such presentations below.


These changes will likely, and hopefully, be the norm for our team and higher ed for years to come. Below, I've included images of my campus office space and the plants that have come to occupy it in the course of this year.

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