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Below is a list of some of the ePortfolio and Digital Initiatives accomplishments during AY 20-21. It is by no means exhaustive; this year has seen several people seek the team’s support, often well beyond ePortfolio implementation and composition. Highlighted in blue are accomplishments that we think are particularly noteworthy.

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Student Feedback: “I really appreciate the help I received from your department on improving [the ePortfolio]. I started out with one thing, and with your help, I developed it into something that I am proud to show employers! I need to keep adding to it because I have gotten a lot more experience, but I am so glad I already have a format for it.”


  • 768 individual tutoring appointments 

Course Visits​

  • Total: 55 classes, 1,397 students



  • Wix Representative Workshops (4): 185 students 

  • Graduate Workshops (4): 55 students 

  • Cybersecurity Workshops (3):  7 students 

  • Comm Internship Workshops (2)

  • Spanish Workshops (2)


Open Studios​

  • General (2x week): 88 students

  • LeADERS (1x month): 37 students




New Student Positions

  • Joint ePortfolio and INNOVATE Student Support

  • Joint ePortfolio and INNOVATE Faculty Support (Lumina funded)

  • LeADERS ePortfolio Support (LEAP funded)


Phone/Emails: 196



  • Google Site for ePortfolio Assistant Training

  • Accessibility Guest Speaker

  • INNOVATE Cyber GAs Training (William & Mary)

  • Internal feedback initiative

    • Assistant Peer-peer Screencast Feedback (26 videos)

    • Supervisors Screencast Feedback


Initiation of HIP-XR Program

  • XR Workshop for HIP Council 

  • 3 Day Workshop: 21 Faculty (Collaboration with Center for Faculty Development)

    • Developing CFP

    • Evaluating application process

    • Workshop development

    • Material distribution (during remote work)

    • Developing workshop evaluations (formative and summative)

    • Collaborating with speakers

      • External speaker: Amanda Licastro 

      • Internal speakers: Helen Crompton, Remica Bingham-Rischer (IDW)

  • 5 HIP-XR Minigrants - Approx 180 students impacted

    • RFP development

    • Application rating and feedback development

    • Individualized support for each grant participant

    • Data collection and feedback processes

    • Designing XR support materials

  • Mapping Existing XR Use at ODU (in-process)

Support for World Languages’ Shift to eP as Program Requirement

  • Designing Spanish Skills WordPress Template (as well as course specific templates)

  • Faculty workshops

  • Tailored support (tutorials, in class workshops, screencasts, live workshops outside of course time)


On-going Support for School of Cybersecurity

  • Faculty Workshop

  • Participated in ePortfolio review/rating for Cyber Pathways/NSF CyberImpact grants

  • Development of Top ePortfolio Award Process

    • Marketing

    • Collection process with revisions to include explicit permissions to share

    • Rating Process and Criteria Determination

    • Training Raters

    • Winner Selection

    • Feedback processes with form letters for Assistant

    • Informing the creation/design of the mode Cybersecurity ePortfolio webpage

  • Evolving Cybersecurity eP Assistant’s role; 

    • Increasing support via workshops outside courses

    • Providing feedback directly upon completion of rating

    • Presenting to transfer students

    • Creating additional ePortfolio support materials 

  • Increasing emphasis on designing materials for community college partners


On-going Support for INNOVATE Monarchs (and other iterations of INNOVATE, such as Cyber and Lumina)

  • Designing ePortfolio guidelines and processes as well as other digital assignments

  • Designing two shared student positions (ePortfolio and INNOVATE)

  • Collaborating/Coordinating with INNOVATE team

  • Designing two approaches for evaluating and providing feedback regarding visual design in Lumina ePortfolios


On-going Support for LeADERS

  • Increased targeted student support via LEAP student worker

  • Developed Wix template and secondary process for activating (in addition to existing WordPress template and support)

  • Developed related Wix support materials

  • Designing virtual alternatives for LeADERS experiences, particularly Diversity

  • Collaborated on development of Top LeADERS Awards process in effort to increase transparency and equity

  • Created materials regarding the top LeADERS criteria for LeADERS Blackboard module

  • Continued participation in LAG, Course Substitution Committee, and LeADERS Rating team


Faculty Feedback: “This was such a well done program. I loved that it was spaced out over three weeks. It gave me the opportunity to space out the reading and the opportunity to digest what I learned before learning more information. The content was truly fascinating as well. Loved hearing about how others were using XR assignments. I literally had no idea this was going on, but it makes perfect sense.”

Faculty Feedback: I can't thank you enough for this amazing opportunity! I never would have ventured into XR like this on my own. Your support has made all the difference. By taking part in this grant project, I have changed my course format, participated in several VR studies, and applied for additional outside funding! 

Introducing new ePortfolio platform option: Adobe Spark

  • Designed Micro ePortfolio concept

  • Introduced programs to Spark as option

  • Spark tutorials designed by team


Coordinate with ELS Graduate Program eP Implementation 

  • Collaboration with GPDs and GA

  • Workshop for graduate students


Supporting Impact Learning Communities’ Summer Faculty Workshop (2020)

  • Designing a virtual faculty development experience

  • Designing instructional design material

  • Designing virtual assignment options with focus on integrative learning

  • Co-facilitating workshop


Supporting LeADERS Summer Faculty Workshop (2021)

  • Designing a virtual faculty development experience

  • Designing instructional design material with focus on signature assignments and integrative learning

  • Co-facilitating workshop

World Languages Summer Faculty Cohort (2021)

  • Initial Workshop for WL Faculty to consider their own ePortfolios

  • On-going series over summer to help continue the composition of faculty ePortfolios

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 11.38.44

Faculty Innovator Grant (FIG): Collaboration with Communication

  • Exploring best practices for screencasting ePortfolio feedback from multiple audiences

  • 27 students impacted, 8 ePortfolio Assistants

  • Two AEPR articles accepted for publication


CDS: Professional Development Program 

  • Presentation on Digital Branding (Megan Mize)


Augmented Reality Workshop for PACE (Megan Mize)

  • Presentation on using AR creation as a HIP


LLChat Podcast Interview: ePortfolios and World Languages (Megan Mize)


Take 5 Video Interview for Strome Entrepreneurial Center (Megan Mize)


CLT Newsletter: 2 Entries


Invited Speakers: English 664 (Megan Mize & Elle Tyson)

  • Presentation on Multimodality & eP Pedagogy 


Invited Speaker: Military Spouse Professional Network (MSPN) (Megan Mize)

  • Presentation: Digital Identity and Personal Branding


Invited Speaker: Moravian College (Elle Tyson)

  • Presentation on Digital Identity through ePortfolio for Intro to Technical Communication 

IUPUI HIPs in the States Assessment Conference (Megan Mize)

  • Collaboration with LeADERS team: “What the Numbers Don’t Show: Student HIP Pathway Programs and the Quality Challenge”

  • Collaboration with Auburn ePortfolio Director (Amy Cicchino): “Integrating ePs through High Impact Faculty Development”


Chapter in forthcoming Re-defining Roles: The Professional, Faculty, And Graduate Consultant's Guide To Writing Centers (Elle Tyson)

  • Chapter title: Professional Tutors, Shifting Identities: Narratives from the Center 

  • Collaboration with former colleagues from the VWU Learning Center (Kim Fahle Peck, Steffani Dambruch, Amanda Gomez)


Roundtable presented at the Southeastern Writing Centers Association Conference (Elle Tyson)

  • Title: Introducing the Online Writing Centers Association: A Roundtable Discussion

  • Collaboration with writing center scholars (Megan Boeshart, J. M. Dembsey, Sarah Prince, Anna Shepland)


Australian ePortfolio Forum (Megan Mize)

  • Collaboration with AAEEBL Digital Ethics ePortfolio Task Force​: “In-depth consideration of digital ethics in using ePortfolios: Resource development by the​ AAEEBL Digital Ethics ePortfolio Task Force​”

Invited Speaker: Loudon County Public Schools Faculty Development (Megan Mize)

  • Introduction to ePortfolios

  • ePortfolio Assignment Design

  • 90 faculty and administrators attended

Invited Speaker: IUPUI ePortfolio Community of Practice (Megan Mize)

  • Presentation on “ePortfolio Making Skills”

  • 60 faculty and administrators attended

  • On-going collaboration with the IUPUI ePortfolio Director (Amy Powell)

Special Interest Group presented at Listen. Learn. Lead.: An Online International Writing Centers Association Event (Elle Tyson)

  • Collaboration with writing center scholars (J. M. Dembsey, Sarah Prince)


Webinar organizer and co-host (Elle Tyson)

  • Eric Camarillo’s “Enacting Antiracism in Asynchronous Writing Consultations.”

  • Zandra L. Jordan’s “Racial Justice and Online Writing Center Practice.” 

  • Lisa Eastmond Bell’s “Shaping Online Tutoring Practice: Research and Reflection over Replication” 


AAEEBL SharkTank (Megan Mize)

  • Invited Judge/ Respondent

  • Write-up / Publication forthcoming


AAEEBL Digital Ethics Taskforce & Principles Publication (2nd year of involvement) (Megan Mize)

  • National/ International collaboration within ePortfolio field

  • Setting field standards related to ePortfolios and digital ethics

  • Constructing practical strategies for ethical implementation of ePortfolios.

  • Cicchino, A.; Haskins, M.; Crowley-Watson, M.; Gray, E.; Gresham, M.; Hoeppner, K.; Kelly, K.; Mize, M.; Slade, C.; Stuart, H.; & Zurhellen, S. (2020). Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) Digital Ethics Principles: Version 1. AAEEBL. Retrieved from

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